Rental Contract

This contact is done between the hirer of "VILLA/APARTMENT/APART" (hereinafter referred to as "CUSTOMER") and the owner of "VILLA/APARTMENT/APART" (hereinafter referred to as "SENINVILLAN.") with the purpose of renting the villa start and end dates for a specific period of time. Customers who have made a reservation via our website, telephone, or e-mail to any one of "villas/apartments/aparts" in the "" website and entourages are deemed to have accepted the following conditions. Behavior contrary to any of the following conditions give to the "SENINVILLAN" the right of cancellation single-sided the reservation, the right of asking the customer to leave the villa/apartment/apart, the right of not refund the received down payment/deposit/hiring price, and the right of to claim all of the unpaid rent.


Pre-reservation can be done to the villas/apartments/aparts via SMS, telephone, e-mail, or the reservation form on the Internet. SENİN VİLLAN does your pre-reservation operation by taking necessary contact details and determining the dates when you rent the villa/apartment/apart. SENİN VİLLAN takes the 35% as a deposit of the total payment which will make for the villa/apart/ hostel after the pre-rental. If you are paid within 1 (one) business day after the pre-rental, the villa/apart/hostel will wait as the reserve. The deposit that you have to paid and our bank accounts are notified via e-mail, SMS, or telephone to you. You can pay with the money order, EFT, Swift within 1 (one) business day for the deposit. When the deposit is taken, the rental confirmation certificate of villa/apart/apartment will be sent to you latest 1 business day. The rental confirmation certificate has the total price, deposit that is taken, renting dates, and the day&hour of the deposit that you sent. If the deposit doesn't send, SENİN VİLLAN can use the right of cancellation of pre-reservation and the right of taking another reservation to the villa/apart/apartment without giving information to the customer. The remaining price of the villa/apart/apartment will be paid to the owner of villa/apart/apartment in cash in the delivery of the villa/apart/ apartment after the contract is made and the villa/apart/apartment is checked. SENİN VİLLAN takes in cash damage deposit (this fee varies in each villa) at the delivery of villa/apart/apartment for a lost, a broken, a scrap etc. due to furnished delivered to the customer. The damage deposit will refund to the customer at the exit of the villa if the fixtures are not missing after counting. It is important to remember that these amounts should be prepared in cash by the villas/aparts/apartments on the day of arrival in order to avoid the grievances that may occur due to the above reasons.