About Us

First of all, the family company started as a restaurant in Kalkan in 1989, afterward, it continued under the name of Alternative Property. Alternative Tourism which is completed the many projects of constructions and resorts villa is begun to business life with named www.seninvillan.com renting villa site since 2014. We can provide to do fast rental resort reservation opportunity for precious guests with its simple interface that is served easy use. Moreover, renting a villa is not limited to Kalkan region, you can rent villas in the Kaş, Fethiye, İslamlar Village, and Üzümlü regions. Secluded, luxury, honeymoon and winter vacation concept villas are located in the www.seninvillan.com, you can examine anytime you want. Our services are not only limited to renting villas. We can also provide renting car, airport transfer, and a buying & selling about real estate services. Villa owners who want to rent the villas can reach us through the website and they can place a hirer to their villa without intermediary by benefiting from our service with the guarantee of Alternative Real Estate. Alternative Real Estate Tourism Company cares about the customer satisfaction and it serves to customers without making concessions to service concept. By this means, it is in the place where it deserves thanks to its honest and reliable image in the tourism sector.

Company Information:

Ünvan:Senin Villan Emlak Turizm Ticaret ve Sanayi Limited Şirketi

Adres: Kalkan Mah,Akbel Mevkii, Yayla Caddesi, Erhan Apart , No:1/1

Vergi Dairesi: Kaş Vergi Dairesi Vergi No: 18220416464

Kumluca Ticaret Odası: Oda Sicil No: 4003272 / Ticaret Sicili No: Kaş-3282





Sade Terrace Restaurant